PADI Open Water Scuba Diver

PADI Open Water Scuba Diver

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Discover the wonders of the underwater world through Dive Pros Ltd Co.'s PADI Open Water Scuba Diver certification, a gateway to endless aquatic exploration. With a rich legacy spanning over 30 years, our scuba diving experts, led by instructors Ed Hewett, Kim Hewett, and Al Jackowiak, invite you to delve into the depths of Southwest Oklahoma and North Central Texas.

PADI, the world's leading scuba diving training organization, sets the standard for excellence, and Dive Pros Ltd Co. is your trusted partner in achieving the PADI Open Water Scuba Diver certification. Our program blends expertise, safety, and hands-on experience, providing you with the skills needed to navigate and appreciate the enchanting underwater landscapes.

Immerse yourself in a dynamic learning experience that encompasses theory, confined water sessions, and open water dives. Our courses are tailored to enthusiasts of all levels, ensuring a seamless progression from novice to confident diver. As Southwest Oklahoma's exclusive full-service SCUBA diving facility, Dive Pros Ltd Co. is committed to elevating your scuba journey.

Embark on a thrilling adventure beneath the waves with Dive Pros Ltd Co. Enroll in our PADI Open Water Scuba Diver certification program and join a community of passionate divers exploring the extraordinary beauty that lies beneath the surface. Uncover a new realm of underwater marvels and make waves in your scuba adventure.

*Price of check-out dives varies depending on season and location.

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